First I would like to say thank you to Leola for being the type of professional that listens to what I say I want, and give me what I want and so much more. I consider Leola my hairdresser, beauty consultant, counselor and friend. I have had my hair colored, cut, weaved to name a few of the services. I walk out looking and feeling fabulous inside and out every time. The atmosphere is very relaxing and I love the one on one service. Leola regularly attends classes, workshops and shows and always has the latest procedures available. I also love having the opportunity to be a part of the Beautiful You VIP Club. The extra perks that I'm able to take part in are priceless- BP

Leola has been doing my hair forever and I couldn't be happier with her services. There are times I have come in with tangled and messed up ends and I walk out looking fabulous. I love that she keeps a stock of hair care products for purchase. If you wanna feel like a super Model, she's the one to go to. -NH

Leola has been taking care of my Hair needs since 1992. I've gone from short to long, From dark to bright red even purple. No matter what style she does I leave her chair feeling like a new woman. I always get compliments on my hair even when it's appointment time. I also love the professional service and love she gives all of her clients.-AJ

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself as a little girl and thought, "Wow, look how long and thick, and healthy my hair looks"? You probably just came to term with the fact that your  hair will never look like that again.
But that is not true. Within a year and a half Leola had my hair long, thick, and healthy like it was when I was a little girl. I never knew that was going to be possible again.
She is more that a hairdresser, she wields her very own time machine. I thank you and my hair thanks you. -AT

I have been coming to get my hair done by Ms. Leola since junior high school. I appreciate that each time I've come over 15 years, that she focuses her attention on doing my hair only. You don't spend all day in the beauty salon, so she is mindful of time Greatly appreciated.
In addition, Ms Leola stays current on the latest trends and methods, which means she's continually perfecting her craft! Her colors are always the best; they are custom so you won't see anyone with your hair color. I've never gotten a color treatment from anyone else. She's awesome and I feel fabulous every time I leave her chair.-SMD

Leola is always a pleasure to go see and have my hair done. I am to relax, catch up with life and what we are doing together. Feels like I'm hanging out with a close girlfriend. I am always greeted with hugs and my hair is beautiful, healthier than ever, and done in a timely manner. I'm ecstatic with the amount that my hair has grown.

I spent many years having a straightening perm on my hair as well as having my hair colored. When I came to Leola, my hair was falling out, extremely dry and hard. Leola told me that my hair did not need to be relaxed and what needed to be done to get my hair healthy again.
In a little over a year of steam treatments, hair vitamins, special oils and overall love and care from Leola...... My hair is getting thicker, longer and no longer falling out. Oh yes I still have it colored and it looks FABULOUS!!!!

As a client of 2 years Mrs. Leola, truly has the knowledge and passion to regrow and maintain the most difficult hair issues.
I suffer with Thyroid, Graves disease and Cancer. This medical condition acts like a hair destroyer. Mrs Leola took it upon herself to do the research while buying products to save my hair.
Today all my edges are regrown. My body of hair is thick and so long. I feel like a beautiful woman again
Thanks Mrs L. -Love RA

I've been a client of Leola for over 17 years and one word to describe my experience is "WOW!" Her service is outstanding!
Always being on the run, she constantly gets me out of the chair in a timely manner. Offering different services such as hair extensions, weaving, and coloring have done me justice over the years.
Experiencing her talent has prompted me to recommend her to different friends and family. SHE'S JUST THAT GOOD! If you need great quality service, she is your go to.-DK

  Leola is amazing and is on point with her consultation and application. I can't say enough good things about her work. 
   Everywhere I go people are always asking what color is my hair but I could never tell them because it's custom colored just for me and my style. 
   Her products and technique's are great and the results always look natural. I get so many compliments.
Love My Hair-

After being away for about one year, it was great reuniting with Leola. I found out my girl has still got it ... only with a lot more! I told her what I had been through with trying to do my own hair and all, and she just reassured me that everything would be all right and began to work my head over. Boy, what a difference a true professional makes. I left the shop with my  hairdo feeling and looking like a champion. Way to go!

Leola is by far one of the best hair stylist in town. I've been going to Leola for years and she constantly does the best job on my hair. She has been coloring, perming, cutting my hair, and even adding extensions for thickness at a reasonable price. She completely understand the styles I am looking to achieve, and does a phenomenal job every single time, (not to mention with much better results than I hope for.) Leola is very professional, always prompt, easy to talk to, and most importantly, good at her job. I always leave her chair with a feeling of confidence; a confidence that says, "My hair looks great!"